Rowdy Mystery Bag
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Rowdy Mystery Bag

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 Do you dare?! 

I have assembled some real rowdy mystery bags. The bags will contain multiple bases and weights ranging from LACE to BULKY and nothing is labeled 😬 I’m not joking when I say rowdy 😂 skein size range from 20 gram minis to 100 gram full skeins.

Each bag has at least 200 grams of yarn.

DISCLAIMER colors are all over the board, you have to be ready for a real mystery. If you are particular about the color palette you work with this bag is NOT for you. No specs will be included in the bags, i.e. no yardage or content labels. Most of the bases are a sw merino and nylon blend, some Suri alpaca may be making an appearance too!

No accommodations will be made for color, base or weight preference.

Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry

Each hank is individually hand dyed and unique. The yarn is washed and rinsed several times; however, the more saturated colors may bleed a little in the first wash so please wash it separately.


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